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Warranty - Smith Auto & Truck Parts , Inc.

Warranty Terms 
Smith Auto & Truck Parts standard and extended warranties are limited by the following terms:

30 Day Free & Clear Return Policy

  • All returns must be made within 30 days of the date of purchase
  • The original invoice must accompany all returns
  • Parts may be returned for refund or exchange, provided the part was not installed and is in the same condition provided to you complete and undamaged
  • A restocking fee of 20% of the original purchase price may be applicable on returned or exchanged products. This fee will be waived if the return is due to Smith Auto & Truck Parts providing an incorrect or defective part.
  • All cores must be drained of all fluids and complete as sold in order to obtain full credit – not doing so may reduce or void core return value.
  • Deposits on pre-paid or special order parts are non-refundable.
  • If a part is not needed or was ordered in error by the customer, then the customer is responsible for all freight charges
  • Refunds will be made in the original method of payment. Cash refunds will be made by check.
  • At no time will a refund exceed the total invoice

90 Day Standard Parts Limited Warranty

  • The warranty duration and terms expire after 90 days from the date of the invoice of the original 1st purchase
  • Payment of invoice constitutes acceptance of these warranty terms
  • Warranty claim must be made by the original purchaser and is not transferrable or assignable
  • There will be NO reimbursements for labor with this warranty
  • Parts are warranted under normal driving conditions.
  • Smith Auto & Truck Parts may choose to repair, replace or refund any part deemed to be under warranty coverage at their discretion
  • Warranty claims will be denied if they are not approved and documented by Smith Auto & Truck Parts prior to warranty diagnosis, service or repairs performed.
  • Smith Auto & Truck Parts reserves the right to use a repair facility of its choosing to diagnose or perform a warranty claim repair
  • Parts are not covered for external fluid leaks. We recommend that seals and gaskets be replaced as part of the repair process. INTAKE GASKETS ARE NOT COVERED UNDER WARRANTY.
  • Warranty covers the base component and not the attached parts. Other parts attached are simply left for protection or convenience, but are NOT covered by warranty and may not be interchangeable.
  • Reprogramming or relearning procedures are part of many OEM repair processes; this must be considered before a part is considered defective.
  • Major components are stamped and may have heat sensitive tabs attached to indicate overheating that would void warranty. Removal of these heat tabs will void any and all warranties.
  • All tires or rims that are not OEM for the customer’s exact vehicle are sold AS IS and no expressed or implied warranty of merchantability applies. Smith Auto & Truck Parts is not responsible for the quality or performance of any tire or non-factory rim.

Extended Warranty Information

Smith Auto & Truck Parts offers additional extended warranties for purchase at an additional cost.  You do not have this invoice unless it is purchased on a line item on this invoice.

  • 6 Month Parts Only – Extend the 90 Day Standard Parts Only Warranty to 6 months from date of purchase. Warranty covers major components that are self-installed.
  • 12 Month Parts Only – Extend the 90 Day Standard Parts Only Warranty to 12 months from the date of purchase. Warranty covers major components that are self-installed.
  • 12 Month Parts & Labor Warranty – Extend the 90 Day Standard Parts Only Warranty to 12 months from the date of purchase and add a limited labor warranty

Labor Rates are fixed at a labor rate of $50 per hour, capped on the following items:

  • Engines:                                 Up to $800
  • Transmissions:                      Up to $500
  • Transfer Cases: Up to $250
  • Carriers: Up to $250
  • Rear Axles: Up to $250

Labor Warranty Terms & Conditions

The labor warranty is to help offset the labor costs, should the part purchased fail within the warranty time frame. It is not intended to cover the full cost of labor.

The original invoice must accompany any claim for warranty. Payment of invoice constitutes acceptance of these warranty terms

Regarding engines, accessories such as alternators, starters, water pump, intake and exhaust manifolds, fuel injectors, carburetor, flywheel, brackets, oil pressure switches, thermostats, smog emission devices, and timing belts are complimentary and do not necessarily come with the engine. These parts are not covered under the Smith Auto & Truck Parts limited warranty, and we do not guarantee interchangeability of these items. At the time of installation, and in order to maintain coverage under the warranty, it is required that the installer do the following:

Engines are guaranteed against engine knock, excessive smoke and oil consumption (>2 quarts per thousand miles), inadequate oil pressure, turned bearing and cracks in heads, block or piston. Warranty is contingent upon oil and filter change at installation and every 3,000 miles thereafter. Consumer must provide proof of service records to validate claim. Overheating and/or improper installation will void all warranties. NOTE: Excluded from this warranty are the fuel components, water pump, gaskets, all electrical parts, hoses, lines, intake and exhaust manifolds, turbo(s), fuel injector pumps, all other fuel injection parts and all other external parts. Oil/fluid leaks, loose timing belts/chains and fuel components, tune-ups, water pumps, distributers and exhaust manifolds are not covered by this warranty. Calibration and adjustment of excluded parts is also excluded from this warranty.

Transmissions are guaranteed to be in good working order. Warranty covers slippage, shifting failures, and/or bearing noise. Shearing or breaking teeth in a standard transmission is not warranted under any circumstance. On automatic transmissions with overdrive warranty is void if transmission is not adjusted by an A.S.E. certified mechanic prior to driving. Improper installation will void all warranties. Customer needs to provide proof of service to validate claim. It is highly recommended that all external seals be replaced. Smith Auto & Truck Parts does not cover any external leaks on transmissions. All CVT transmissions need to be installed per manufacturer guidelines. ALL TRANSMISSION FLUID AND FILTERS HAVE BEEN REMOVED FROM TRANSMISSION AND NEED TO BE REPLACED ON INSTALLATION!

Rear Axle Assemblies are guaranteed not to be noisy or have excessive axle wear. All fluids have been drained and will need to be replaced prior to operating vehicle. Brake systems and/ seals are not covered by this warranty and are recommended to be inspected and/or changed during installation.

Self-Installed Parts will be covered as long as a 6 or 12 month parts only  warranty is purchased. The same terms and conditions of the Extended Warranty apply. Purchaser is responsible for ensuring part is installed correct and according to manufacturer’s guidelines. Parts that are incorrectly installed are not covered by this or any warranty.


  • Incidental or consequential damages including, but not limited to damage to the cost of related parts, loss of income, travel expenses, loss of transportation, towing fees, and diagnostic fees are not covered by this warranty
  • Parts installed in vehicles used for fleet or commercial purposes will be limited to 30,000 miles of coverage
  • Parts installed in vehicles for the use of racing or used off-roading are not covered by this warranty
  • Parts installed in vehicles with modifications, including but not limited to the installation of parts not originally intended for the vehicle by its manufacturers, are not covered by this warranty
  • This warranty does not cover damage or failure arising directly or indirectly from improper installation (not in accordance with the original equipment manufacturer’s specifications) or related vehicle problems, misuse, maintenance, neglect, abuse, overheating, vandalism, abnormal operation, environmental conditions, accident or any damage which was apparent and not reported at the time of delivery.
  • Injury or death to persons or damage or destruction of property
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